Dear 4-Year-Old Me...

Dear 4-year-old me,

Oh dear little one, this moment when you first pick up your camera will forever change your life. Never let go of this feeling. Never stop learning. Don't be afraid of all those big technology words, don't be intimidated by those world-famous photographers or people who think you're not an artist or don't deserve to be. Because just as much as any other painter and sculptor, you are an artist. Never doubt yourself, but always stay humble in your work. Treat people like they're the most special person ever, because they are. 

Please love, remember this moment. Remember how much you love to take pictures of any and every thing, no matter how strange it is. When you're down on yourself and the world, remember to take your camera out into the world and pray. Pray hard, sweet girl. It'll help. And remember that while there may be so many ugly things that you don't know about yet, they are three times as many beautiful plans and exciting adventures to be had along the way, and that God will be with you every second. Remember that most of all.

There's so much more I want to tell you, to prepare you for. As if I told you, everything would be alright. But I can't do that to you, little me... You have to experience both pain and happiness to be who you are. But I do have one last thing that I can say.

Have hope. Never lose your sparkle. Never lose your smile. All will change the world.

I can't wait to see who you become.