Mini Info:

Butterfly Princess Minis - Booking closed for this year. June 3rd and 4th, 2017. Ages 2-10. Wardrobe and makeup included. 

Ice Cream Mini - Booking closed for this year. August 5th, 2017. Ages 3+. Hair, makeup and girl's wardrobe included. Only 3 spots available! 

Cozy Christmas Sessions- Second Edition - Booking closed for this year. Our most magical session of the year is coming October 21st + 22nd, 2017! Both full (60-minute) and mini (20-minute) sessions available. Hair, makeup and girl's wardrobe included.


  • Book two minis and get $50 off your third mini session. Yay!
  • New clients get $25 off their first mini session. Double Yay!
  • Enter our mini session Instagram Giveaways to win a spot at your favorite mini. How can anything be more yay?