• I desperately want some images of my little one. What can I expect if I book a session with you?

A whole bunch of giggles and cuddles! Otherwise known as  a unique experience that is completely tailored to your family. Prior to your session, we will meet and have a consultation to discuss your likes and dislikes, help you choose your little's outfit(s), talk about what to expect and we even discuss your décor so your images match your home. During the session, your child's needs and enjoyment are always first. I want them to be themselves. After all, a custom photography session should be fun! A few weeks after your session, we'll have viewing and ordering party to help you make your choose which digital and prints you love.  I only take a few sessions a month so you are getting my attention, because you deserve it, girl!

  • When should I schedule a session?

Most sessions can be scheduled at any time, but I book several months in advance, especially during busy season (October-December). Daydream children sessions tend to go best when your child is between the ages of 3 and 8, but I work with all ages! Maternity sessions are best when you are between 30-34 weeks, and 6 month and one year sessions are rather self-explainitory.  

  • Do you offer gift certificates for sessions?

Absolutely! I offer amounts from $50 on up. They make perfect gifts for baby showers, birthday parties, and any other occasion you can think of. Please contact me at Anne@AnneBertelsonPhotography.com if you're interested. 

  • Why do you require a session fee?

As a photographer and a high school senior, time is my most valuable resource. I only take a select amount of sessions per month, so I can make sure I give all my clients time to show them how special they are. If you book a session and then can't attend, that is a spot another client could've had. I of course forgive you, but the session fee is a way of making sure I can continue serving my wonderful clients. 

  • What do my kids wear to their session?

At your pre-session consultation, we discuss your little's likes and dislikes and help you choose their outfit(s). I have a large client wardrobe with over 50 items that you can "shop" through, or if you have an outfit that you'd love them to wear, we can of course discuss that as well. 

  • Can you give me the RAW or unedited files from my session?

As a policy, I do not give out RAW or unedited files. While I love your photos just as much as you, there are always those shots that are less than perfect due to blinking, off-colors or other situations out of our control.  It is our process to only show what is of highest quality and I take more photos to ensure that I can provide you with a large amount of these.  The chosen photos were done with care and consideration and I'm so glad that you trust me as your photographer to only give you the best of the best!

  • How long until I see my images?

2 weeks after your session, we will schedule your ordering session where you will see your photos, tear up a lot, and then decide which products best fit your home. I offer a variety of products, from albums to canvases to framed prints from only the best print labs. If you purchase digital images, I include those with your order on a pretty USB. All payments must be received before your order is processed. 

  • Do you have a photography “style”?

Yes ma'am! I love delicate jewel-tones, and black and white images with a bit of a “moody” quality. But don't get me wrong, pastels are one of my favorite things too. I specialize in candid, fine art child and fashion photography. I photograph out of a beautiful natural and artificial light studio in Plano and I also do on-location outdoor sessions. My photographs has been described as whimsical, candid, and emotive and my sessions concentrate on childhood imagination, emotion, and love.

  • That sounds absolutely amazing, what do I do next?

My pricing page can be found right here. If you have more questions, you are more than welcome to call me at 469.209.9788 or click the Contact Me button for the fastest response. I would absolutely love to chat with you about how to make your photography ideas come to life.  Ready to book? Click the link below to contact me directly. I look forward to learning and showing your little love's story.